Feudi del Pisciotto, Niscemi – Sicily

In the triangle between Piazza Almerina (known for the extraordinary and intact Roman villa), Caltagirone (famous for the ceramics) and Vittoria (famous for the only Sicilian Docg, Il Cerasuolo di Vittoria), lies Feudi del Pisciotto. The 33 hectares vineyards are situated at about 250 meters above sea level. Therefore it benefits from two climatic moderators: the altitude, where the sea breezes arrive, and the sea itself, a great compensator of the temperature. The vines planted are 50% Nero d’Avola and 50% of international red varieties like Cabernet, Merlot and Pinot. Two white vines, Semillon and Gewuztraminer, produce an unusual Passito. Feudi del Pisciotto has also an attached wine press featuring an extraordinary millstone used as a wine cellar with the production methods adopted by the old Romans. A combination of history and high technology (in the new wine cellar) reach the highest levels of Sicilian quality production.