Fattoria Selvapiana, Rufina – Tuscany


In Medieval times, Selvapiana was one of the watch towers along the river Sieve, built with the purpose to protect the city of Florence on the North-East border. In 1827 it was acquired by Michele Giuntini, ancestor of Francesco Giuntini, the present owner and fifth generation to run the property from 1957 to 1997. Francesco Giuntini has always believed in the value of the Rufina appellation and he worked with passion to increase the prestige of the area. He has been among the first Tuscan producers to make the Riserva wine only from Sangiovese grapes and to produce the flagship wine of Selvapiana from a single vineyard, the first vintage was the 1979 Chianti Rufina Riserva Vigneto Bucerchiale. The hills where the Rufina vineyards are located lie on the foothill of the Apennines, the chains of mountains that divides Tuscany from Emilia Romagna. The cooler summer microclima with great excursion of temperature between day and night is the reason the grapes ripen slowly throughout the season and reach a nice balance. The wines have fresh acidity, great finesse and elegance, silky tannins and a long after taste. Selvapiana is a organic certified winery!

The new vinification cellar, opened with the harvests in the year 2005. The vinification is made in stainless steel vats with temperature control and in part in concrete casks. Since 1992, fermentation is done without the use of selected yeasts and the addition of sulphites are in lower quantities compared to the past. Maceration, last for at least 30 days. The ageing in oak barrels is done in the old cellar under the Villa and in part in barriques in the new cellar.