Wine & artisan beer

Through our selection that we personally import, we want to give you authenticity, identity, indigenous character, traditional methods of production, natural, biodynamic and organic farming from family-owned producers.
We are here to introduce them to you and at the same time assure you that we will continue to work with the same zeal aiming to give you the best of Italy’s different regions, for you to enjoy both in our bottega or at home.
In store you can also find a selection of significant Greek & Cypriot producers and spirits.


Some of our small producers are also members of the following associations and/or movements!


The Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti (FIVI – Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) was created in 2008 with the purpose of representing and safeguarding the winegrowers in relation with formal institutions by promoting the quality and authenticity of Italian wines. Winegrower members should meet the following criteria: 1) The winegrower must cultivate his own vines, bottle the wine and personally care for his product. 2) Sell all or part of the harvest bottled, under his own responsibility, name and label. 3) The winegrower shouldn’t purchase grapes or wines for commercial use; he can buy grapes only in extreme cases of vinification needs, in conformity with current Laws. 4) The winegrower should respect the oenological norms by limiting the use of needless and costly additives, focusing his attention on the production of healthy grapes that do not need “maquillage” in the cellar.



“Renaissance des Appellations” is an association of vintners created by Nicolas Joly in 2001. Currently includes over 160 producers from around the world, who believe and produce on the common ground of biodynamic agriculture. Italian producer members are currently thirty, each with its own identity, its own history, its own terroir! The wines produced from grapes grown in biodynamic agriculture offer a great complexity, a unique taste given by the full expression of the soil and climate it was grown.


The Triple “A” manifesto/movement was created in 2001 by Luca Gargano (a well known personality in the world of wine & spirits) following a research that most of the wines produced in the World are standardised, i.e. obtained with agronomic and oenological techniques that destroy the imprint of the grape, the land and the personality of the producer, generating similar wines in every corner of the globe. The use of chemicals in the vineyard and  selected yeasts in the laboratory are the two main causes of this standardisation. According to the manifesto’s fundamental  criteria, to produce a Triple “A” wine, the winemaker needs 3 basic but skilful resources. And these initials sets a guideline who’s rules must be respected by those who want to produce wines Triple “A”.

“A” as Farmers: Only those who directly cultivate the vineyard can establish a proper relationship between them and vine, and obtain a healthy grape that matures exclusively with a natural agronomic approach.

“A” as Artisans: Requires artisanal methods and skills to implement a viticultural and oenological production process that does not change the original structure of the grape, and does not alter the wine.

“A” as Artists: Only the “artistic sensibility” of a producer, respectful of his work and his ideas, can create a great wine which can exalt characteristics of the territory and the grape.