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Since 1950 the Di Pasquale family, selects, refines and promotes the typical Sicilian cheese, especially “i grandi DOP” of the region. The “Dipasquale Cheese” was born by the will of Carmelo Dipasquale, historical selector and refiner of cheeses, a recognized authority throughout Italy.




Based in Camalò di Povegliano in the provence of Treviso, Antonio Carpenedo and his sons Ernesto and Alessandro, come from an old family of cheese merchants. They have over thirty years of experience in the cheese sector and today devote themselves to produce innovative cheese like “Ubriaco”®, “Sottocenere Aromatizzato al Tartufo” and “Barricati” cheese.



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Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months aged
Parmigiano Reggiano 24 months aged, produced from the Reggiana’s breed. An indigenous breed of Cows from Northern Italy, characterized by their red coloured coat! Fed only with grass, hay. No GMO certified animal feed.



Cheese Partners:

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Crackers and Biscuits for Cheese



Salumi (artisan cured cold meats):

Salumificio Caputo


The “Maestro Salumiere” Salvatore Caputo, founded the “Salumificio Caputo” in 1950, in Sant Angelo di Brolo, as a result of his passion to make local salumi known, following strict regulations and traditional methods of production. He established himself as one of the most serious and prestigious producers in Sicily, especially  with his well-known salame S. Angelo I.G.P. and as a promoter of the local consortium of Salame S. Angelo, he gained respect for his endless efforts to protect the denomination.




The secret of our success is the love and passion, that bind us to our Land.

Every single ingredient and recipe is strictly Sicilian and guaranteed by the Cutrera family.




The excellent taste of Sicily.

Situated on the slopes of Mt. Etna, Siciliatentazioni aims through a careful selection and hand processing of their raw ingredients, to maintain intact the genuine perfumes and organoleptic properties typical of the island!